2021 Bagua Weapons Champion

I’m honored to report I won the Gold in Bagua Weapons at this years US Kuo Shu International Tournament with my Cheng style Jian (double-edge sword) form. Next year I’ll be representing the United States at the World Championship in this category.

Much thanks to this US Kuo Shu Federation for this distinction. And to my teachers Master Li Chunling and the late Master C.K. Chu. Without you I could not have done this. I hope this win brings honor and distinction to you. Thank you so much.

New Location – College Hill Park

I’m happy to announce that moving forward group Tai Chi classes on Thursdays at 11am and Saturdays at 10am will be held at College Hill Park on N. Clinton Street in Poughkeepsie.  When driving into the park go up the hill a bit and take your first left, then follow the circle around to the pavilion at the top of the hill where you’ll find us.

Private lessons will continue to be held at 100 Forbus this week.

Keep up your work at home.  Daily training is the key.  And if you’ve fallen out of practice and want to rejoin, please do.  We don’t judge.

In the words of Bruce Lee – be water, my friends.

2019 Baguazhang Sword Silver Medalist

I’m honored to report at the recent Kuoshu Tournament in Baltimore I got a silver in Baguazhang sword and bronze in Baguazhang empty hand. I’ve taken up the Cheng style of this sister art to Taijiquan in the last few years. *Taiji for 21 years* I’ll put up some photos and vids when I can.

120+ Students at Hudson Valley Staff Day

Complete Reality Tai Chi taiji yang hudson valley

Very thankful to have the opportunity to give a first taste of the healing and relaxation benefits of Tai Chi to over 120 staff from 19 of our Hudson Valley school districts.  It was wonderful to hear and see their immediate release of tension and begin the healing of many injuries.  Special thanks to my student Karen for her valuable assistance.  

Tai Chi in 2018

Happy New Year.

Over the break I hope you were able to maintain your training and focus on the three foundational principles of alignment, breathing and relaxation. As my teacher used to say, “If you practice 95% correct, you get 95% benefit. If you practice 5% correct, you get 5% benefit.”

The challenge within this, and the manifestation of the yin/yang philosophy that is the root of all tai chi chuan is how to practice correct alignment without forsaking relaxation. The answer is to not forget your breath work. Slow, deep, abdominal breathing is the engine that drives our practice. Remember daily training is the key to success.

Good luck and hope to see you soon.

The key

What is the key to successful tai chi chuan practice?  Daily practice.

Daily practice.  Daily practice.  Daily practice.

It’s best to try to schedule your training before breakfast and/or before dinner.  In the beginning 10-15 a day is ideal.  Don’t push yourself too hard.  If you don’t have 10 mins, do 5.  If you don’t have 5 mins, do 2.  If you don’t have 2 mins, do 1.  You have a minute.  You do. Any practice is better than none.

Like my teacher said many times, it’s guaranteed to work – as long as you DO the practice!

Cotton Sole Tai Chi shoes

Woodstock classes start again next weekend Saturday May 6 – time to dust off your Tai Chi shoes! If you don’t have I totally recommend them. They’ll enhance your practice a lot.