Tai Chi in 2018

Happy New Year.

Over the break I hope you were able to maintain your training and focus on the three foundational principles of alignment, breathing and relaxation. As my teacher used to say, “If you practice 95% correct, you get 95% benefit. If you practice 5% correct, you get 5% benefit.”

The challenge within this, and the manifestation of the yin/yang philosophy that is the root of all tai chi chuan is how to practice correct alignment without forsaking relaxation. The answer is to not forget your breath work. Slow, deep, abdominal breathing is the engine that drives our practice. Remember daily training is the key to success.

Good luck and hope to see you soon.

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    1. Yes, but we’re relocating to Poughkeepsie in the near future… so I’m not accepting new students at this point. Best of luck.

  1. Hello. We are a couple in our early 60’s interested in exploring and learning about Tai Chi so that we might include the discipline in our morning practice of mindfulness/meditation. We have a few general questions; Are you still offering classes in Poughkeepsie on Saturday mornings? If so, how much do the classes cost? How long are the classes? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    Paul and Melinda Heady

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