Galina K. – 42 (Tendonitis + Back pain)

I’m really just blown away. I still can’t get over how the pain went away. It really was amazing. It’s the first time in about three weeks that I haven’t been awakened in the morning with excruciating back pain. Also when I started studying with you I had severe tendonitis in my wrists and it’s completely gone now.

June M. – 63 (High blood pressure)

After coming to class for a few months my blood pressure dropped so low that I had to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine!

Karen A. – 62 (chronic pain, knee injury)
When I was 9, I was in an accident that left me with an injured knee which never healed to the point that it was difficult to walk stairs. I also had hand pain so severe that it limited the use of my hands and disrupted my sleep. At the first class I was given Qigong specifically for hands, and the relief was immediate. I now have full use of my hands and I sleep soundly.
From that beginning the benefits accrued. After several months of Taiji and Qigong I found my knee became much stronger, to the point where I am now able to walk stairs in a normal fashion. I found that Taiji helped me to process the profound grief I experienced from two early deaths in our family.   I am also physically stronger; I can pick up and carry a 45 pound child without concern. My flexibility is enhanced, with yoga I could touch my toes, with Taiji I can place my hands flat on the floor.  
Shifu Thundermoon is a compassionate teacher who meets each student where they are. It is his desire to give every student the tools they need to enjoy vibrant health, vitality and find their own path.