About Tai Chi

Tai Chi relieves stress, increases energy, and heals physical as well as emotional injuries.  This in turn enables progress toward Tao.  We are offering introductory mixed classes open to practitioners of all levels and ages. Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation as well as traditional training for those who are ready and able.


Galina K. – 42 (Tendonitis + Back pain)

I’m really just blown away. I still can’t get over how the pain went away. It really was amazing. It’s the first time in about three weeks that I haven’t been awakened in the morning with excruciating back pain. Also when I started studying with you I had severe tendonitis in my wrists and it’s completely gone now.


June M. – 63 (High blood pressure)

After coming to class for a few months my blood pressure dropped so low that I had to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine!



Jesse Thundermoon is a certified instructor, a top student of Grandmaster C.K. Chu. and a daily practitioner since 1998. He has taught hundreds of students Tai Chi & Qigong in New York City at C.K. Chu Tai Chi and the Tai Chi Chuan Center of New York.  He was a founding instructor of the popular Bryant Park Tai Chi program, a 2021 Gold & 2019 Silver Medalist in Baguazhang sword, 2021 & 2019 Bronze Medalist Bagauzhang empty hand, and a 2005 Bronze Medalist Taiji Push Hands in the US International Kuo Shu Tournaments.


2019 Baguazhang Sword Silver Medalist

I’m honored to report at the recent Kuoshu Tournament in Baltimore I got a silver in Baguazhang sword and bronze in Baguazhang empty hand. I’ve taken up the Cheng style of this sister art to Taijiquan in the last few years. *Taiji for 21 years* I’ll put up some photos and vids when I can.


Mixed classes including Qigong, Tai Chi group form, and traditional training in Yang style Tai Chi with orthodox shenfa.

Drop-ins are $20/class
Private classes available at $60/hour, which can be split with a friend

For those in financial hardship, please contact us directly for financial assistance.  Financial assistance students will need to show dedication, effort and progress.