About Tai Chi

Tai Chi relieves stress, increases energy, and heals physical as well as emotional injuries.  This in turn enables progress toward Dao.  We are offering introductory mixed classes open to practitioners of all levels and ages. Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation as well as traditional training for those who are ready and able.


Galina K. – 42 (Tendonitis + Back pain)

I’m really just blown away. I still can’t get over how the pain went away. It really was amazing. It’s the first time in about three weeks that I haven’t been awakened in the morning with excruciating back pain. Also when I started studying with you I had severe tendonitis in my wrists and it’s completely gone now.

June M. – 63 (High blood pressure)

After coming to class for a few months my blood pressure dropped so low that I had to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine!

Karen A. – 62 (chronic pain, knee injury)
When I was 9 I was in an accident that left me with an injured knee which never healed to the point that it was difficult to walk stairs. I also had hand pain so severe that it limited the use of my hands and disrupted my sleep. At the first class I was given Qigong specifically for hands, and the relief was immediate. I now have full use of my hands and I sleep soundly.
From that beginning the benefits accrued. After several months of Taiji and Qigong I found my knee became much stronger, to the point where I am now able to walk stairs in a normal fashion. I found that Taiji helped me to process the profound grief I experienced from two early deaths in our family.   I am also physically stronger; I can pick up and carry a 45 pound child without concern. My flexibility is enhanced, with yoga I could touch my toes, with Taiji I can place my hands flat on the floor.  
Shifu Thundermoon is a compassionate teacher who meets each student where they are. It is his desire to give every student the tools they need to enjoy vibrant health, vitality and find their own path.

About Us

Shifu Jesse Thundermoon Shadoan began his study of Taiji, Qigong, Neigong and Daoist meditation with Master C.K. Chu in New York City in 1998.  Through practice of his teachings, his students have been healed of chronic pain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, weakness and stiffness.  He teaches to spread the life changing health and spiritual benefits of these arts.

Jesse was a primary demonstrator on Master Chu’s demonstration team for 10 years, performing all of Master Chu’s forms including Tai Chi Short Form, Long Fast Form, San Shou, Broadsword (dao), Double-edge sword (jian),  Flute, and Two Person Flute forms.  

He taught hundreds of students Tai Chi & Qigong in New York City at Master Chu’s school, C.K. Chu Tai Chi, and the Tai Chi Chuan Center of New York, and was a founding instructor of the popular Bryant Park Tai Chi program.  In 2008 he moved out of the city to Hudson Valley, where he founded his school, Complete Reality Tai Chi with Master Chu’s encouragement.  Shifu Thundermoon continued to study for a total of 15 years with Master Chu up until his passing in 2013.

In addition to studying Master Chu’s complete curriculum at the most advanced levels, he also endured many years of hardship training under Master Chu, from extended duration meditations and Horse Stance, as well as grueling form corrections for many years.  

In 2016 Jesse began his study of Bagua Zhang in the Cheng style. Bagua Zhang is an internal Chinese martial art in the same family as Taiji.  Bagau Zhang is the art of change and represented by walking the circle.  Shifu Thundermoon trains the Cheng style Turning Palms, Mother Palms, Linking Palms, Jian (double-edge sword) and Dao (broadsword).  Under the guidance of Shifu Li Chunling, a Cheng style 4th generation linage holder, he became the 2022 World Kuo Shu Bagua Weapons Champion with his Cheng style Dao form,  as well as the 2022 and 2021 U.S. Kuo Shu Bagua Weapons champion.


2022 World Kuo Shu Bagua Weapons Champion

2022 China Open Yang Taiji Quan Champion

2022 China Open Bagua Zhang Champion
2022 China Open Bagua Weapons Champion
2022 U.S. Kuo Shu Bagua Weapons Champion (2x)
2022 U.S. Kuo Shu Bagua Zhang Silver Medalist
2021 U.S. Bagua Weapons Champion
2021 Bagua Zhang Bronze Medalist
2019 Bagua Weapons Silver Medalist
2019 Bagua Zhang Bronze Medalist
2005 Taiji Push Hands Bronze Medalist 
Shifu Thundermoon’s teachers:
The late Master C.K. Chu – Taiji Quan, Qigong, Neigong, Meditation
Shifu Li Chungling – Bagua Zhang
Kwan Sai Hung – Qigong, Meditation, Moxibustion
Keith Berish – Greco Roman wrestling


Master Sam Chin – Iliquan

Master Yang Jwingming – Taiji Quan, Chin Na, Qigong, Meditation, Taiji applications

Tim Cartmell – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Combat throws

Master Alex Dong – Taiji Quan

Master George Xu – Taiji Quan, Qigong, Liu He Ba Fa

Western Boxing and Judo – several teachers  in Hudson Valley, NY



Mixed classes including Qigong, Taiji group form, and traditional training in Yang style Taiji Quan with orthodox shenfa.  As well as Cheng Man Ching Short form as taught by Master C.K. Chu.

Drop-ins are $20/Group Taiji class, $10/Qigong class, $10/push hands class.
Private classes available at $90/hour, which can be split with a friend

For those in financial hardship, please contact us for financial assistance.  Financial assistance students must need to show dedication, effort and progress.